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Les produits

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Produits 3A

sideflon3Sanitary Design and Construction of Food Equipment - http://www.ufl.edu/
Ronald H. Schmidt and Daniel J. Erickson
To ensure safe food and adequate sanitation programs, the equipment used for processing and handling food products must be designed, fabricated, constructed, and installed according to sound sanitary design principles. This ensures the equipment can be adequately cleaned and sanitized, and that surfaces are resistant to daily exposure to corrosive food products and cleaning/sanitizing chemicals. Equipment that does not meet basic sanitary design principles, or is installed or used improperly cannot be adequately cleaned and sanitized.

In terms of sanitary design, all food contact surfaces should be :
•    smooth;
•    impervious;
•    free of cracks and crevices;
•    nonporous;
•    nonabsorbent;
•    non-contaminating;
•    nonreactive;
•    corrosion resistant;
•    durable and maintenance free;
•    non-toxic; and cleanable.

PICARD Technologies® and its subsidiaries, PICARD Etanchéité® and Découpe Express® have designed and manufactured a complete range of parts to comply with 3-A sanitary standards. 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. specifies the criteria for the sanitary design and construction of equipment for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Our range includes:

3-A class 1-18-05, FPM black and brown Viton® 70ShA,

3-A class 1-18-05-Elastomix® black 70ShA,
3-A class 3-18-03-N92 translucent 95ShA,

3-A class 3-18-05-Silicon translucent 70ShA,
3-A POM-C white and blue
3-A PA6 natural and blue
3-A Polyethylene UHMW,
3-A PETP white and grey,
PTFE (Teflon® and polytetrafluorthylene),
3-A white modified PTFE,
3-A white modified filled PTFE with glass fibers,

The Picard group will soon be adding the high-grade Sideflon® 3-A-chart 20_27 to its range, a first-class choice for demanding mechanical applications.
The group can supply practically all the technical parts made from these 3-A materials to meet your foodstuff and dairy application requirements.


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