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Machined parts

We manufacture for you.

Call our technical consultants for help developing the right plastic pinion for your requirements.We regularly produce all types of sprockets with diameters ranging from 4 mm to over 500 mm, out of an array of plastics, including PEEK, POM-C polyacetal resin, Delrin®, Ertacetal®, various polyamides, Ertalon®, Nylon®, PET, Ertalyte® and Ertalyte® TX, etc...…
One of  our slogans is “Control” so, back in 1995 when we were starting production of elastomer parts and molded seals, we made the decision to make our own molding tools, at PICARD Technologies®. We understood the importance of having perfect control over the whole molding process.Our continual investment in equipment has enabled…