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Our business

Our business

Our workshop makes a broad range of machined parts out of plastic materials, fluorinated resins and composites (Sideflon®, Teflon®, PFA, etc.).

usinage-atelierThe part required starts off as a paper drawing, a digital file or is developed from technical specifications.
We will help you develop your technical specification, depending on:

- the assembly where the part is to be installed;
- the job the part must perform;
- the cleaning and maintenance requirements of the assembly;
- compliance requirements— e.g. FDA, 3-A WRAS, ACS — in the country or countries where the part is to be utilized.

Our machine park is cutting edge and we use CAD/CAM software and multi-axis machines to produce the most complex parts.




stock-camembertOur mandate is not only to produce the right part for you, but to supply it exactly when you need it.
We carry a stock of approximately 13,000 standard and non-standard parts on which we base your specification requirements.
Our stock consists primarily of seals, including:




- O-rings  and  Quad-Rings of various materials, hardnesses, colors and standards
- Hydraulic and pneumatic seals (wiper seals, U-ring seals, Chevron ® packings, composite seals, guide seals, etc.);
- Oil seals and V-Ring seals of various materials and grades;
- O-ring cords of various materials and grades.

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Since setting up our molding shop, we decided to make our own molds on site, to give us complete command over our operations and guarantee our customers the following services:

rapidite SPEED : Once the profile and material of the part have been decided on, a 3D drawing of the mold is made, then converted into a CAD/CAM file so that the mold can be machined using the most appropriate machine.
flexibilite FLEXIBILITY :
Our design office, machining and molding shops as well as our post-production testing and shipping services are located on the same site. This means that a mold can be designed in the morning, machined in the afternoon and a prototype part produced and tested by the end of the day (non-complex parts and molds, of course!).
Consolidating our design, manufacturing, testing and shipping operations on the same site allows us to offer competitive prices: no additional charges on design, materials and machining, and no additional transportation. Everything is produced on site, under the PICARD Etanchéité® banner.
qualite QUALITY :
A prototype part is molded to test the mold. If we are not satisfied, it is returned and may be reworked or even very quickly remade, then tested until it conforms exactly to specifications.


Our Research and Development (R&D) team has the training and experience to help customers fine-tune a project as well as to invent and produce a wide array of high-tech mechanical components.



We use the latest CAD/CAM software to work with clients in real time and optimize design and simulation. The engineers in our design office can help with every stage of the process: solution optimization, feasibility studies, cost realism analysis, prototyping and testing.



With our specialist knowledge of modern materials and state-of-the-art production equipment, we’ve got what it takes to find the best solutions to produce the parts you need.
What is more, by integrating all stages of the manufacturing process, we can guarantee a rapid response, a reliable service and the traceability of our products.


moulage6Our molding shop produces parts out of elastomers and rubbers.

-    Mono or multi-material parts (the combination of two elastomers or an elastomer plus  plastics);
-    Parts overmolded with different materials (silicone + Peek®, Teflon® + Viton®, EPDM + stainless steel, etc.);
-    Parts made out of practically all grades of existing elastomers;
-    Mono or multi range of hardnesses (from 20 ShA to over 54 ShD);
-    From unit to large-scale production;
-    Standard or certified elastomers(FDA, 3A, KTW, KIWA, aerospace norms, etc.);
-    O-rings

As in the machining shop, our engineers work closely with our clients to help them define the appropriate specifications for the parts they require, based on how and where the parts are to be used, cleaned and maintained. Careful attention is also paid to ensure compliance with any prevailing standards (FDA, 3A, WRAS, ACS, etc.) in the country or countries where the parts are to serve.
To help you save time and money, we make our own molds in house. This gives us control over the whole manufacturing process of each part, from the specifications to the design stage, via the creation of the mold, the molding and finishing processes, quality control and, lastly, delivery.

See: Mold makingelastomere-et-caoutchouc


Decoupe Express produces standard and non-standard seals and flat gaskets to meet the compliance requirements that govern the food processing industry (FDA and 3A), drinking water services (ACS and SDWA), the petroleum and many other industries.
The materials we use include:

-    Elastomers (nitrile, Viton®, EPDM, Neoprene®, silicone, Hypalon®, etc.)
-    Gasket sheets (Klingerit ®, Latty®, Tesnit ®, etc.)
-    Tear-resistant papers, felts, various foams, corks, polyethylenes, graphites, Teflon® PTFE, etc.

 Check out our website at: www.decoupe-express.com

Decoupe Express belongs to the PICARD Technologies® group and completes the group’s comprehensive services.
To simplify your supplier list and reduce costs, your entire parts order can be supplied through PICARD Technologies®.

Quality control, identification and packaging of parts play a decisive role in business development.
It is essential to indicate your quality requirements prior to ordering.

We carry out:
Dimensional controls
of individual parts or of batches,
mesure2Single item identification
or labeling,
marquageSingle item or batch bagging,
ready-made kits,
We deliver

We can test parts individually or by random sampling.
Traceability: We guarantee the traceability of all our products, from raw material to finished item.