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The products

The products

dessin-machineAt PICARD Technologies®, our experts can help you design and construct precisely the fillers, nozzles and aseptic systems you need.

The engineers in our design office spend considerable time analyzing a wide range of systems for clients around the world:
•    Volumetric and flowmetric fillers
•    Retrofitting projects of existing fillers
•    Specialized filling nozzles

We use our extensive experience to devise the best ways to:
•    Simplify and reduce cleaning and maintenance operations
•    Improve cleaning in place systems (CIP, SIP and 3A approved systems),
•    Improve accessibility
•    Extend the operating life of spare parts
•    Improve filling precision.

 Please contact our technical department


Every year, PICARD Technologies® develops new high-performance elastomers in response to the most challenging of modern industrial demands.


Our goal: to offer the most appropriate solutions for your sealing needs.
PICARD Technologies® has the capacity to produce O-ring tools in our workshops, thereby reducing costs and delivery times for customers.
We are committed to finding the best answers to your specialized requests, such as for non-standard sizes, specialized materials, non-standard hardnesses, personalized colors, compliance with specific or recent norms, etc.
Small quantities very quickly or larger quantities – we tailor our solutions to your needs.


 Here are a few examples of custom mixtures our product range offers:


Elastomix® :

Elastomix®, an elastomer exclusive to PICARD Technologies®, designed for dairy & food applications.
Elastomix® has a high resistance to oils and greasy substances, to steam, certain solvents and hydrocarbons, and can be used at temperatures up to 175°C – 350°F. Thanks to its excellent property combination, Elastomix® can be substituted for several elastomers and help reduce the inventory we need to manage. In most cases, Elastomix® can replace EPDM, Nitrile® and sometimes Viton®. Elastomix® is FDA and 3-A approved.

Elastomax® :

Elastomax® is a perfluorinated elastomer, or an FFPM, comparable to Kalrez®. It combines very high chemical inertia with a greater resistance to high temperatures than the majority of elastomers.  Our Elastomax® line includes several specific grades that meet the stringent demands of critical applications. For more information, click here.
We have several different formulations capable of satisfying your application needs;
-High temperature grade up to 320°C – 610°F,
-High chemical grade,
-Food stuff grade (white or black, FDA),

Other examples:

•    Silicone: high tear resistance, high resilience, complies with 3-A, FDA and EC No. 1935/2004 standards;
•    ACS-approved EPDM and peroxide cured EPDM;
•    Viton® steam, FDA-certified food color additives (blue, yellow, green) for utilization in the food stuff and dairy industry, and in drinking water or high-temperature applications in the steel industry.

In order to give us full command of our operations, we decided to set up our own molding shop to produce our molds on site and guarantee our customers speed, flexibility, lower costs and flawless quality.


shema-ventouse-detailSuction cups are part of our molded parts family. We can tailor-make suction cups to your specifications or help you define the technical criteria for your needs. Our suction cups are available in the following options:


With or without inserts (plastic or metal)
-  Out of elastomers, Viton®, silicone, Nitrile®, Parablond, polyurethane, etc.
-  Out of Teflon®-PTFE, PVC
-  In hardnesses ranging from 30 ShA to 95 ShA (for elastomers)
-  In different colors, natural or a color on the RAL chart
-  In different shapes - cylinders, oval and more
Antistatic cups, certified ATEX, FDA, 3-A, EC No. 1935/2004, ACS, etc.

We make the molding tools in our in-house machine shop, once again reducing costs and turnaround times.


springseal1Better known under the brand name Variseal®, Spring-Seals are seals machined in a U-shape, into which a V-shape spring is inserted to maintain the pressure of the lips against the surfaces to be sealed.

Spring-Seals can be made from diverse materials (Sideflon®, PTFE, Ekonol® filled PTFE, UHMW-PE, etc.). The choice of material will depend on where the seals are to serve and on any usage constraints.




For Dairyfood applications, it is recommended to fill the seal groove with FDA or 3-A Sanitary approved silicone to prevent product remaining in the seal’s central cavity and bacteria developing.

See Springseal performance characteristicsView profiles



Since its inception, PICARD Technologies® has been offering various types of bellows to help clients protect their machines.

Do the bellows need designing for a first assembly or is the design based on existing specifications? Are they to be mounted on an older or on a new machine? Whatever or wherever the application, we will help you choose the right solution.
Below, are the most standard shapes and our range of materials.
The great classic, offering excellent value for money:

soufflet-noirFlexible and hard-wearing black or translucent FDA-approved PVC,  for use in environments with no risk of abrasion, cuts and nicks. Good resistance to oil and greases. Service temperature range of -15°C to + 65°C. Available with zips or Velcro®.


Fabric bellows :soufflet-toile
Designed to cope with substantial mechanical strain, fabric bellows provide a high level of protection against tears and abrasion and are suitable for high temperature applications. The optimal fabric for the operating conditions is selected, then cut to size and stitched.


soufflet-toile-2We also construct bellows from materials such as Kevlar®, Nomex® and polyester, depending on the duties the bellows are to perform.
These materials offer exceptional resistance to friction and abrasion and serve in higher temperatures than PVC. Also available silicone-coated or aluminized.


  attachesoufflet-toile3velcroMost of our products can be fitted with snap fasteners, zips or Velcro® to avoid having to dismantle the equipment that needs protecting.


rigidificateur2rigidificateurCertain applications require stiffeners, guide frames, rollers or wearing pads.



ptfe2Bellows out of PTFE (Teflon®) can also be machined to measure.

For more stringent applications, we recommend the bellows be molded out of an elastomer specifically selected for the purpose.
We can create a mold and mold your parts at our facilities, and even personalize each part by engraving your logo, brand name or reference codes in the mold. The parts can also be colored to your specifications.

See the Molding section

pignons-et-sieges2PICARD Technologies® has been helping valve manufacturers improve the sealing integrity of their products for over 30 years.
Our machine shops regularly produce packing rings, spherical shut-off valve seats, double shells, membranes, etc.

We offer a wide selection of materials recommended for this type of sealing system:
- Teflon® PTFE
- Filled PTFE View list
- Sideflon®
- Natural PEEK
- Filled PEEK (carbon, carbon + PTFE + graphite, etc.)
- Torlon®
- Vespel® polyimide
- PPSO, Techtron®
- Rulon®

In our workshops we can quickly machine valve seats of a few millimeters in diameter to over 600 mm.



PICARD Technologies® has been marketing the Sideseal® line throughout the majority of industrialized countries for over thirty years.

sidesealWhat is SIDESEAL®?

Sideseals are high performance oil seals for tough applications. They can be installed in open or closed housings, depending on the profile used.
Sideseals® are manufactured at our Valenciennes facilities, using top quality materials such as:

- High acrylonitrile-content elastomer compounded with an antifriction agent for standard applications in conditions up to 115°C and 15 m/sec;
- Viton® elastomer, compounded with an antifriction agent for applications where the temperature exceeds 115°C and/or where there is exposure to aggressive fluids;
- Elastomix®, an elastomer specially formulated to resist temperatures of up to 175°C, water vapor and various oils and greases. Other attributes of Elastomix®: its excellent abrasion resistance and a price tag lower than Viton®;
- Aflas®, a high-end elastomer serves where a resistance to saturated vapor and temperatures up to 200°C is required;
- Silicone HR® is a silicone specially formulated by Picard Technologies® to withstand temperatures exceeding 220°C.

Our Sideseal® line includes an array of profiles. Ask our specialists to recommend the right ones for your application requirements. Browse the Sideseal® catalogue...



T6-SB-RE T7-S-Special




T6-SB-R+E   T7-SB Spécial  T7-SB T6-TEXT-R+E T7-TEXT T6-TEXT

The Sideflon® option might be recommended for certain applications. Sideflon® is a Teflon® PTFE-filled coating, molded over the lip of the Sideseal®. The Sideflon® option:

-    reduces the temperature caused by the friction of the Sideseal® on the rotating shaft;
-    reduces the coefficient of friction;
-    increases the Sideseal®’s working life;
-    allows for higher rotary speed.

The Sideflon® option is ideal for duties requiring large-diameter shafts.



Sideseals® can be cut to the customer’s required length for easier assembly or when required by the installation. In such cases, the Sideseal® is molded with an all-elastomer section where the cut will be made. Once fitted in its housing, the two ends of the all-elastomer section ensure a tight seal.

Browse the Sideseal® catalogue

What is Sideflon®?


Sideflon® is a modern material developed by PICARD Technologies® in 2011.         
The original objective was to obtain a material whose technical properties would rival, if not better, those of PTFE + 25% carbon/graphite, a benchmark in the industrial sector, while remaining food grade (FDA and EU 1935/2004).

After 3 years of trials and multiple tests, we exceeded our ambitions.
Sideflon’s® main properties:

sideflon5- Low coefficient of friction (0.19 versus 0.34 for PEEK-filled PTFE or 0.6 for bronze-filled PTFE);
- Good PV limit, ideal for slide bearings;
- Low thermal expansion coefficient compared to PTFE;
- Excellent chemical inertness: resistant to oil, greases, vapors, solvents, hydrocarbons, etc...;
- Resistant to hydrolysis and low moisture absorption < 0.02 %;
- Food safe (FDA-approved, EU 1935/2004, 3-A registration in progress);
- Good resistance to cleaning agents used in the food industry (CIP);
- Temperature range of -180° C to +260° C, depending on end application;
- Excellent wear rate (5.2 compared to 7 for 25% carbon/graphite PTFE);
- Eliminates stick-slip effect, ideal for applications requiring very precise, smooth movements;
- Ideal for piston seals, composite seals or volumetric filler pistons.

Our tests show that, in certain applications, Sideflon® lasts 4 times longer than certain filled PTFEs, such as 10% Ekonol® PTFE or 10% PEEK PTFE.

Sideflon® is a registered trademark of PICARD Etanchéité®.


Filling aseptic pistons

We carry an extensive selection of metering and inch pistons in our standard range, spanning 14 mm to over 200 mm in diameter, all made entirely in our on-site workshops.

piston1We study and design the perfect piston solution, be it for the modification, improvement or renovation of existing machines or simply for the replacement of an existing model. We rigorously select the optimal materials for your piston, based on the part’s employment and its cleaning parameters.

Shut-off valves and rotating disc valves

Volumetric fillers are normally filled via conical shut-off valves or rotating disc valves.

boisseaux1These shut-off valves or rotating disc valves are made from several materials, carefully selected for their properties that help optimize the functioning of the machines.
As with the pistons, we study and design all the parts in our workshops.

Machined plastic and composite parts


inoxOne of  our slogans is “Control” so, back in 1995 when we were starting production of elastomer parts and molded seals, we made the decision to make our own molding tools, at PICARD Technologies®.
We understood the importance of having perfect control over the whole molding process.
Our continual investment in equipment has enabled us to produce increasingly complex molds.

For several years now, our state-of-the-art machinery has allowed us to manufacture the precision parts our valued customers request.plan-piece-inox

Our in-house engineers are on hand to assist and advise
in the design and production of your most complex parts, using modern tools such as 3D design, CAD/CAM and prototype systems.


Today, our latest-generation machine park includes several 5-axis machining centers and several multi-axis, 5-axis, 4-axis and 3-axis CNC lathes in addition to a variety of control systems, touch probe systems and numerical 3D cameras, etc.
If you are looking for a specialist capable of producing top quality, precision, complex machined parts, someone who can guarantee the esthetics and functionality of the part, then …


Look no further. Contact Picard Technologies®.


Pièces techniques pour le domaine médical

implants-et-pieces-medicales-1Technical components for the medical field
Our substantial investment in multi-axis machinery and the latest 3D and CAD/CAM drawing software gives us the technology to produce the highly sophisticated components exacted by modern medical applications.
Using the same collaborative approach as we do with our customers in other high-tech sectors, we work with you to design parts that deliver the best possible performance. Quality, traceability, excellent value for money and short lead times are our daily bywords.
Our medical components are made from top-grade plastics such as implantable PEEKs, Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), Ultem® polyetherimides (PEI), polypropylenes with enhanced temperature and sterilization resistance, and colored POM-C polyacetal resins.
The majority of these materials are certified USP Class VI.
Orthodontic technology
We can make your most complex devices from a 3D file or a scan:

Orthodontic technology

We can make your most complex devices from a 3D file or a scan:


- Bars
- Bridges
- Crowns
- Various inserts
- Various screws
- Various abutments
And from a variety of materials: titanium, implantable PEEK, chrome cobalt etc.implants-et-pieces-orthodotie1

  Surgical implants,


implants-et-pieces-chirurgie- PEEK spacers suitable for > 30 day implantation
- Inserts, screws and technical components


Tools and handles made of:

Teflon® USP Class VI
Colored and USP Class VI POM-C
Polypropylene with antimicrobial additives

Ask us about silicone USP Class VI coating or sheathing for your metal or plastic handles. We can supply them in a wide selection of colors and hardnesses.

We can also produce graining, ribbing and other special finishes.
Together with you, we work from the design stage through to the choice of materials, selecting hardness and color to develop a cost-effective prototype mold that will produce the ideal part for your needs. From design to manufacture takes an average of 3 to 4 weeks.

 Sterilization boxes, trays, sterilizable storage devices

Purpose-designed, machined or thermoformed to measure, made from various USP-grade plastic materials or with the addition of silver ions, etc.

Teflon® USP Class VI
Color POM-C and USP Class VI
Polypropylene with antimicrobial additives implants-et-pieces-medicale3

Also available in this product line are certified USP class VI silicone moldings, of varying hardnesses and colors.
- We can produce custom parts quickly, according to your color and hardness specifications. For more, see Elastomer Parts
Our control systems, 3D touch probes and numerical vision monitoring enable us to control and track the parts being manufactured, from raw material to finished product.
We also package, label, inspect and single-item mark. See our Quality page …

ptfePTFE, or polytetrafluorethylene, is a material that looks like plastic. It is naturally white and translucent and is similar in hardness to a natural polyethylene.


The main properties of PTFE
(Teflon®, trademark of Dupont de Nemours®):



Positive properties:
-    Flexible
-    Very low coefficient of friction
-    Resists most chemicals
-    Good electrical insulation
-    Good water repellency
Negative properties:
-    Low resistance to abrasion
-    Low PV limit (weight applied to a given surface x velocity)
-    High coefficient of thermal linear expansion (virgin material)
-    Poor notched impact resistance
-    Poor compression set resistance  (poor DRC)


Fillers can be added to enhance PTFE properties. The PTFE is then said to be reinforced. Some of the filled PTFEs most commonly used in various industries include:
-    Glass fiber-filled PTFE (5, 15, 25%)
-    Carbon fiber-filled PTFE and carbon fiber + graphite-filled PTFE
-    15% Glass fiber  and 3% MoS2-filled PTFE
-    Bronze and/or bronze + MoS2 or graphite (40%, 55% + 3% MoS2, 60%)-filled PTFE
-    Polyimide-filled PTFE
-    Ekonol®-filled PTFE
-    Graphite-filled PTFE
-    Other special fillers
-    SIDEFLON® (Click here for technical data sheet.)

PTFE-MATBefore being processed, natural or virgin PTFE (Teflon®) is a white, fairly fine powder. The powder is extruded or compressed at very high pressure in a mold cavity to obtain a finished part or a semi-finished product, such as a block, plate, tube or a bar. Semi-finished products are then machined to obtain finished parts.
PTFE (Teflon®) is also used as an anti-friction agent in oils and lubricants or as a non-stick coating for cooking pans, pots and utensils.
PTFE’s water repellency means that it is also frequently used in the manufacture of clothing.
Certain grades of filled or unfilled PTFE have applications in the agri-food industry and the medical field.

At its Valenciennes site, PICARD Technologies® produces various grades of unfilled and filled PTFE that meet FDA, 3A Dairy Sanitary and USP class VI requirements.
We can make semi-finished products (rods, tubes, plates and sheets) out of virgin or custom-filled PTFE. We can also machine your parts.
If you need high quality material in PTFE and filled PTFE, please request our technical department.

membranes-siliconesA key service we provide is to work with you to develop the specifications for the parts you need. Our engineers will help select the most appropriate materials for the parts’ function, as well as the best production methods for the quantity you require in order to minimize costs, improve the parts’ durability and keep your maintenance costs down. Our strength is built on thirty years of experience in seal design and engineering.
We design a wide range of elastomer parts in different colors, grades and hardnesses (elastomers that comply with FDA and 3-A food standards, with aeronautical norms 20A&B, 31B, 41B, 50D, 61D and with drinking water standards, ACS, WRAS, SDWA, etc.). We can identify your parts with your company’s reference codes, logo or come up with your own color-coded system your marketing department will appreciate.

joints-toriques Our elastomer molding shop produces a range of O-ring options:
-    Custom-made (non-standard sizes)
-    Standard sizes but with special elastomers
-    Of hardnesses varying from 25 ShA to 97 ShA
-    In all colors
-    Supplied with various certificates, control documentation and/or individually packaged
-    Compliant with specific sanitary/technical norms (FDA, 3A, ACS, SDWA), with aeronautical industry standards and with USP Class VI certification for medical components, etc.The molding tools for all our elastomer parts are made in our own machine shop.


Our multiaxis machines are capable of producing the most complex molds.
Producing our own molding tools on site gives us an important edge: we have a fast turnaround time, offer a very competitive price advantage, and can eliminate intermediary costs, transportation costs and additional costs for modifying molds.


See also: Elastomix® - Elastomax®

img1PICARD Technologies® draws on its expertise in the field of industrial sealing, the company’s original vocation, and its diversified production methods to assemble sealing kits for all types of machines.
The technical parts are designed by our engineers then manufactured in our workshops. Standard parts are available off the shelf from our inventory of approximately 12,000 items.

Our computer system then instantly calculates the delivery time for your sealing kit order.

joints et magasinWe can keep a stock of your sealing kits and identify them using your company’s coding system to make subsequent ordering easier.

Each sealing kit is mailed in an opaque pouch specially designed to protect the seals from UV rays and dust.
We label the pouch with codes that enable each part to be traced right back to the batches of raw material.


joints1Our machine shop specializes in custom-making seals to our customers’ needs, using machines and software specially designed to fabricate products rapidly in a wide selection of shapes and materials. We pride ourselves on our flexible response.


With our expertise in the sealing industry, we can rapidly find a precise solution to your sealing needs, ensuring that the profile, dimension and material are perfectly adapted to the job the part is to perform. Furthermore, we can machine certain parts up to 2500 mm without cutting or bonding.


The large majority of sealing requirements are met by the wide range of materials we carry in stock. These include:

Elastomix®, NBR, EPDM, silicones, polyurethanes, HNBR, Viton®, Aflas®, Peek®, PTFE and filled PTFE, Sideflon®, PFA, PVDF, POM, PA6, HDPE and Ertalyte®, etc...

* Depending on the order size